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“I honestly no longer even think about Sarah’s eating. Her little sister eats more than she does now, although Evie is only 50 percent for weight. Sarah no longer obsesses about food and it is certainly not the focal point of her day. In fact, we were at a birthday party on Sunday, and I had to pull her away from the sandbox to get her to eat just four bites of pizza. A lot of times she refuses to eat dinner, and as frustrated as my husband gets with her, I am secretly glad to see some “normal” toddler behavior. Don’t get me wrong, she still loves food and often times eats more than the other kids, but it is no longer an issue in our house. I think of you often and I am so grateful to you for your advice!”  — Brittany, mom of 3 year-old Sarah, client with “food obsession”


“Hi Dr. Rowell, just wanted to check in and follow up since our home consultation. Essentially, things are going AMAZING!! I stuck with the plan and about a week ago, it’s like it all clicked and he was ready to be adventurous! He is trying new things EVERY DAY and is eating vegetables, olives, beans, pico de gallo by the spoon full! It is so exciting every meal to see what he is going to eat. Friday night is pizza night….we get half veggie, half cheese. This past Friday he reached and served himself a slice of the veggie (then devoured it!)…my husband and I about fell off our chairs (but we made sure he didn’t notice). He has loved getting involved in meal prep but I think the months we’ve invested in the trust model just finally kicked in! I wanted you to know! Thanks so much (I’ve passed your name on to countless adoptive moms!)” — Larissa, mom of 4 year-old Matthew, adopted at 12 months


“Another huge food breakthrough! Cori ASKED for lettuce on his sandwich! Wow. Thank you.” — Mary


” I find the more we let the anxiety and control around food go, the more he lets go of the obsession surrounding food (what a concept). I am not going to lie, it can be tough, but he is a whole new happy little mischievous toddler now and I LOVE it!!!!” —Anneliese, mom of 2 year-old Adan, adopted from Ethiopia and consulted for food obsession


“You have DRAMATICALLY decreased the stress level around meals in our household, and I couldn’t be more grateful.”— Susan, mom of 2 1/2 year-old Sadie, seen for weight acceleration


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“At first when we started the model, she immediately tried several new foods and liked some. Before we started the model, there were foods including pineapple and string cheese that she insisted she liked but would never eat. Now she eats those foods. She also has become more flexible, for example she will now eat any preparation of chicken whereas before she would only eat banquet brand breaded chicken and now she will eat hot dogs grilled or in the microwave whereas before she only “liked” them if they were grilled. Dinner has become pleasant, relaxed and is not stressful. She feels respected at mealtime rather than hassled. I wouldn’t say that she has dramatically increased the variety of foods she eats but it is in the range of normal now and that is great. I think she will be able to go to college in 1 ½ years and nourish herself independently with a dorm meal plan.” –Jennifer, mom to sixteen year-old Yiseth, adopted from Guatemala, dealing with picky eating.


“Thank you, thank you, Katja! I have been raving to friends and family about how incredibly helpful our time with you was. Three big take-aways for me were to trust Viola, provide a variety of food options, and a new definition of a successful feeding. I found our time together to be encouraging and (yes) liberating, and your consultation will indeed help us to move forward with more confidence and less worry. Already, meals are much more relaxed and fun for all of us.” — Molly, mom of eight month old Viola


“We had one session with Katja to discuss our 4 year old daughter’s picky eating habits. The little girl who ate everything was becoming much more selective, causing stress for all of us during meal time. Katja taught us how to approach food and meal times in a totally different way. Now our daughter feels like she’s in control of what she eats (even though we are). No more stand-offs at the dinner table. And to our amazement, when we let her be in control she makes healthy choices. For us, one session with Katja was enough to completely change our family dynamics at the dinner table.”   — Jennifer, mother of four and six year-olds

“…Served his dessert with dinner and was amazed to see him continue to eat (stuffed himself with wheat thins, apples and milk) after the popsicle and didn’t ask for any other sweets after dinner. Woah. And we’ve even discovered a new pasta – we made fusilli because Brian had made it at school and it seems more toddler friendly than long noodles – and they loved it! Anyway, dinnertime is so much more pleasant. The success we’ve already had makes us totally committed to the process. THANK YOU!” — Linda (mom of Brian 4 1/2) Michigan


“We are so happy we found you and have gotten this far. The other night we ordered her a burger, and lo and behold, she had about half of the bun, and 1 bite of meat and said she was done. We were so surprised!” –Alexis, mom to Greta, adopted as an infant and consulting for food preoccupation and weight gain.


“After our 4-month old daughter developed reflux and a subsequent feeding aversion, we saw four pediatricians, a gastroenterologist, spent 2 days in the hospital, and visited the feeding clinic several times. Her weight was dropping and no one was able to figure out how to help her. Then my wife listened to one of Katja’s seminars and loved her ideas. Katja came to our house and gave us specific advice to help her get over the aversions. After several days of implementing her advice, her volume increased almost 50%. She’s now gaining weight normally and our level of anxiety is greatly decreased. Katja is worth every penny. Thanks!” — Jason (Zoe 6 months)


“I almost called you in tears of joy yesterday. I took the kids to the bakery to get cupcakes for Joe to bring to preschool to celebrate his birthday. I let the boys pick out anything they wanted, and of course, they both picked these whopping, frosting filled cookies. They were eating them on the way home, and they both said the sugar was giving them a tummy ache and opted to put the rest back in the bag and save them for later! It was so great. They did eat them later, but they had enough awareness to put them away when they sensed that their body wasn’t handling it well. YAHOO! More progress!!” — Jill (Joe and brother 5 and 4 years)


“I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I don’t have to control every bite she eats. All I’ve ever wanted is to just treat her like my other kids.” – Rebecca, mom to Adina, adopted from Ethiopia and consulting for food preoccupation


Working with Katja has made our days so much easier. I get to be a mom, not a food cop. Connor has made improvements from asking for seconds on veggie soups to tomatoes on his burgers, and he’s not as obsessed with treats.” — Kelly


“I’m a nutritionist, so everyone thought I should have “all the answers.” Jack was living on rice and pasta. It has been great to have Katja’s support. Among her many helpful tips, I learned to trust that if I am serving healthy and high quality meals and modeling good eating at the table, then increased variety in Jack’s diet will come. I don’t worry anymore about whether he eats asparagus at dinner or strawberries at lunch. Last week Jack ate veal tortellini with pesto sauce! Thank you for all your creative ideas and your ongoing support.” — Dani, New Jersey


“Katja’s insight and expertise around children’s eating habits is amazing! We reached out to her because we wanted to establish a healthy eating environment that encouraged our children to explore food without prodding or pressure. We also wanted to end the constant “Did I eat enough for desert?” saga. She gave us a very practical approach that made a ton of sense and worked. Our family meals have become much more enjoyable and our kids are naturally trying new foods!Jeff, St Paul


“Thanks so much for meeting with Paul and I yesterday! It was a huge help, and we both really enjoyed it. You were really great at keeping us “on task” and keeping the process flowing, because it’s so easy to wander off into tangents on this subject.
And thanks for the attachments and your quick turnaround! It’s really helpful to have a written report to reiterate what was discussed.
I wasted no time getting started. The meal/snack structure worked really well yesterday.  The first thing I did was offer several things for snack (ice cream not among them, and he made no mention of it)! At dinner I had to resist the temptation to say, “do you want some [insert items I knew he would like]?” Apparently I must think his sight is impaired and he can’t see them right there on the table in front of him. 😉 It’s really amazing when we realize all of the unconscious things we do. Thanks again.”  —Alice, mother of ten year-old Michael