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extreme picky eating

food preoccupation or worries about high weight

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useful links to address school BMI and concerns about nutrition education programs.


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stage-specific one page “just the fact” sheets


DVDs and video clips

Happy Mealtimes Healthy Kids DVD
Comprehensive video for parents and caregivers, narrated by Katja Rowell, MD. Viewers will learn that parents and children have separate roles to play in regard to eating: the parent decides what, when, and where food is served; the child decides whether or not to eat and if so, how much to eat. 20 min., cc

Kids and Family Food Issues DVD
Getting children to eat can be a constant battle for some parents, while other parents try to get kids to eat less. In “Kids and Family Food Issues”, child feeding expert Dr. Katja Rowell presents six segments that address many feeding issues that families with young children may be facing and offers practical solutions to make meals a pleasant experience for both parents and children. Also available in loop format.

Feeding With Love and Good Sense DVD II
Close-up, compelling footage of real parents and real children in their homes in actual feeding situations reveals what works and what doesn’t with feeding. Four 15- to 20-minute segments each contain vignettes of five to ten families. Educational DVD for parents created, produced, and narrated by internationally-recognized feeding authority Ellyn Satter.


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These are a few resources that I have found helpful and have heard great things about from parent educators, parents and teachers. As with everything, finding the approach that feels right for your family is critical.