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lunch box “back off” note

Posted by on Feb 3, 2012 in Blog Posts | 4 comments

hello readers,

Over the years, I’ve had posts complaining about folks who feed our children at schools or in daycares and do not follow the DOR. (Again, not out of spite, but because they generally really love our kids and want what they think is best for them…) These often get lots of “Yes! That happens to us and I hate it!” kinds or responses.

I have been asked for a note like the one I had in M’s box for years. Here is a rough draft.  Here is a link ot the PDF, be about index card sized that parents can fill in and laminate. You can buy clear contact paper pretty cheap at most craft or hardware stored.

What do you think?

Dear Friend of (insert your child’s name here,)
Please allow _____ to decide how much ____wants to eat, and in what order, from what I have packed. Even if that means all ____ eats for lunch is her “dessert,” or if she starts with her dessert. I trust that ___________________can rely on her own hunger and fullness to tell her what and how much she needs to eat. Please call me on my cell at _______________________________ if you have any questions or concerns. The nice thing is, this should be less work for you. If ____ needs help opening her containers, I thank you for that help, otherwise,______should be good to go ☺ Thank you for all you do for our children. __________________________________________

What other things would be helpful? Notes to doctors with resources? Meal and snack ideas??? Help me, help you, help me… 🙂

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  1. Erin Schutte

    YES! What a fabulous idea. We have had issues already in preschool (stunning to me) and already at kindergarten orientation night we parents got a 20 minute lecture on obesity and “my plate.” I know they have good intentions but couldn’t help cringing and wondering if I was the only parent in the room who felt insulted. This note is fantastic and I am saving it and using it. I love the “call me on my cell” as that really leaves them no “out.”

  2. Lisa

    What a great idea!! I know my 6 year old would be very happy not to have to explain to the grown-up but rather just have a card from Mom.

    A nice one page handout for a pediatrician would be nice, too. ASDAH has something an adult can print out and bring to their next MD appt that explains HAES for health care providers. Something like that for the DOR with maybe some research references would rock.

    • katja

      yes, that one pager for docs is on my very long to do list…

      • Becky Henry

        Brilliant! I love the card for the lunchbox. Only thing I would add is YOUR WEBSITE in case the adult wants to learn more about DOR.

        I’m so glad you have it on your list to do the card/sheet for docs…please do it sooner than later. 🙂 I will be happy to help you with it if you’d like.

        Did I give you any of the AED booklets on Guide to Medical Management of Eating Disorders? Might be great to have to hand out when you are speaking to them.

        Becky Henry
        Hope Network, LLC