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Adopting and foster families

“The more we let the anxiety and control around food go, the more he lets go of the obsession surrounding food (what a concept). I am not going to lie, it can be tough, but he is a whole new happy little mischievous toddler now and I LOVE it!!! — Anneliese, Mom of Adan, age two, adopted from Ethiopia

Each adopted and foster child has a unique feeding history, often unknown to parents. We can help you understand and support your child who may have challenges from not having had enough food, being fed too quickly or with little attention, or limited in texture, nutrients and variety. We pay special attention to attachment, concerns with health and size, and bringing peace and joy to the feeding relationship.

“I was in the audience during your presentation at JCICS and was completely impressed by your work. What I appreciated the most was your ability to combine medical information with what I saw as “behavior health” therapy. I think your skills and information have a wide application to international adoption and I would like to see this available to families on a large scale.”

Katja’s book, Love Me, Feed Me: The adoptive parent’s guide to ending the worry over weight, nutrition, picky eating and more… is available on

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Katja is a member of SPOON Foundation’s medical advisory board and contributes to the Ask an Expert series. She has also presented webinars through Children’s Home Society and Family Services in St. Paul, MN, led a workshop at the 36th Annual Child Welfare Symposium, and continues outreach through podcasts, webinars and workshops.