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worldwide readers-what was for breakfast today?

Posted by on Apr 29, 2010 in Blog Posts | 36 comments

I finally figured out how to install Google Analytics and LOVE that I have readers from 27 countries! I get a little thrill from seeing the map in various shades of green, and I started to wonder. What did you all have for breakfast this morning?

I had a hankering for salt so I made fried eggs, hash browns, whole wheat toast, sliced canteloupe and veggie sausage for the family on my new griddle pictured here with another breakfast. 🙂

If you feel comfortable, tell me where you are from and what you ate!

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  1. Jenny Islander

    I usually have either oatmeal with some type of sweetener, possibly spices, a splash of milk, and either dried fruit in it or fresh fruit on the side. When I’m sick I have rice noodle packet soup with vegetables in it and maybe an egg–the steam and the garlicky broth help my head. On weekends I sometimes saute some eggs in bacon grease for flavor and serve them on whole-wheat toast, or else make pancakes. Today I was hankering for protein, so I dumped some homestyle canned salmon, that is, wild-caught salmon with the skin and bones in it, into a bowl and mashed it up with chopped pickle and some Miracle Whip. I am eating it with whole-wheat toast. My baby son is mugging me for bites of it. (Farmed salmon is hopelessly bland to my way of thinking, but I grew up a short flight away from the richest salmon stream in the world, so.)

  2. Sarah

    Oh, I don’t see any other British comments so here’s mine! I had porridge with blueberries and a glass of orange juice. I’m feeling evangleical about prrodge at the moment — no more midmorning blood sugar crises for me.

    I enjoy this site so much. I don’t have kids yet but your attitude is so sensible and refreshing that I keep coming back!

  3. Gardenia

    Germany here!
    Had the same thing I have autumn / winter day: hot oatmeal with fruits (today banana and pear), Espresso with milk.
    In summer I substitute with muesli (a variety of oats, nuts, raisins and other dried fruit) and Joghurt, two kinds of fruit and espresso with milk.

    On weekends I do the typical German breakfast thing: Coffee, orange juice, boiled or scrambled egg, rolls (whole wheat, though), cheese, jam and Nutella or honey. Yummmm…

    • katja

      oh, I do miss a good Broetchen! I loved the poppy seed ones! When I go back to visit my folks or my brother, I always crave Broetchens and Gelb Wurst or Bier Schinken, kind of classics kids would eat… Takes me back!

  4. Clea Matthews

    I’m from New Zealand.

    This morning I had a small serving of homemade toasted muesli (oats toasted in oven with honey, oil, nuts – whole and ground LSA mix, dried apricots, coconut and raisins) and also toast with vegemite (like English marmite but not as good – I grew up in England and I still crave marmite) and cheese.

    Usually I just have the toast option cos I like savoury breakfast – but occasionally I get a craving for cereal – only often not at breakfast time – I quite often have weetbix with brown sugar or runny honey and milk for a snack.

    • katja

      Ha! My granfdather (British) used to joke… “Ah, now Mar-might, but Par might not!” ha ha… That sounds like a lot of work. Do you make it fresh every time, or make a big batch. Delish!

  5. Uly

    Same thing we have EVERY day – steel-cut oats!

    Today it’s oatmeal with apricots, tomorrow it’ll be oatmeal with pear and cranberries, and Friday we’re looking at oatmeal with apples. (Or maybe bananas, I haven’t decided.)

  6. familyfeedingdynamics

    Oh, that all sounds so good!!! Thanks for writing in! I too have enjoyed seeing what folks are eating!

  7. Cindy

    I'm an American reader who is living in Italy for two years. This morning's breakfast was a special one because we needed to take the train in the morning and didn't have time for breakfast at home. We ate at the train station bar. I had a cappuccino with a chocolate brioche, and my husband and I split a "spremuta" which is a fresh-squeezed orange juice. Yum!

    My normal breakfast at home usually consists of coffee with lots of milk, a small piece of bread with gorgonzola cheese, about five small biscotti with almonds in them, and a piece of fresh fruit (usually banana but sometimes pear or apple).

    I enjoyed reading about everyone else's breakfast habits — thanks for posting the question!


  8. deeleigh

    I live in Ontario and am from Michigan. It's Sunday morning, and I made potato pancakes out of leftover mashed potatoes, flour, buttermilk, and baking powder and served them with fried eggs and blackberries.

  9. lyorn

    re: sausage and cheese: The textbook German breakfast is white bread rolls or toast, jam, honey and Nutella, coffee with milk, a boiled egg and/or muesli (rolled oats, fruit, milk or yoghurt). Dark bread, sausage, cheese and pickles are for dinner. But of course you can always eat Wurst! A "Bavarian breakfast" is Weisswurst (veal sausage), sweet mustard, a pretzel and a beer.

    The more substantial breakfasts go well with my rhythm — I'm awake for about three hours when I have breakfast, and have about five hours to go until my second meal of the day: Something mostly carbs wouldn't work as well.

  10. familyfeedingdynamics

    I'm mostly a toast and jam/PB kind of gal. I have to say I enjoy salt too though! My SIL is French and when she visits, she craves diner breakfasts, particularly hash-browns! Now, when I visit her, it's croissants, brioches and baguettes with lots of butter!!!

  11. cecile

    Even if we live in Massachussetts, we have really French breakfasts: usually a toast of bread, or Englisg muffins, with butter and jam or honey, or maple sirup, with tea for me and milk for the kids. Some days we have cereals (granola usually) with milk. I cannot get used to having salty foods for breakfast ! I suppose it's hard to change your habits.

  12. familyfeedingdynamics

    I Love it! Recently a mom said the dad didn't want to do family meals because it felt too "formal." I imagine your table (like mine often) was full of jars and containers, chatter, cheekiness and love. What a great start to the day you gave them. Yummy too!

  13. Johannah

    I live in Massachusetts and we had pumpernickel toast with: cream cheese (son-6), butter and jam (daughter-4), peanut-butter and honey (me) along with eggs and sausage. Our son was going on a field trip today with a recommendation for a heavy breakfast because snack was going to be late- hopefully this will tide him over.

  14. familyfeedingdynamics

    Who knows what we all ate the rest of the day! I happen to believe that there is room in a healthy diet for ALL foods. I did note the irony as i was eating a donut (can't remember the last time I had one) with my coffee whilst scanning "Clean Eating" magazine for recipes at the coffee shop. (They eschew all processed foods, refined flour, sugar etc… Obviously does not jive with my feeding philosophy but I think I found a good coconut shrimp recipe…)
    That sounds like a grand breakfast! I love sausage (kids need fat) sodium risks are far overrated for the average healthy person and you had a great variety. If you ate with them even better. Kudos to you, I think it sounds like you had an exemplary morning! What an adventure you are having! Are you cooking the CHinese meals too? I love Chinese food. My best friend in high school is from China and we would go to her house at lunch and devour the left-overs! Ribs, shrimp with snow peas…

  15. Melanie Gao

    At first hesitated to leave this comment because all the other commenters are such healthy eaters! But I decided to take a risk. I had shredded wheat and coffee this morning, and I made banana-yogurt smoothies for the kids. They also had 4 mini sausages. There's protein in that … along with the fat and sodium… 🙂

    I'm American and I live in China. But our breakfasts are almost 100% American. Lunch and dinner are almost 100% Chinese.

  16. bergamot

    I live in California, and I had a piece of strawberry clafouti (strawberries + egg custard, baked), an orange, and tea.

  17. Miku

    Oh, and I'm in California, duh, should have mentioned that.

  18. Miku

    I don't often get hungry in the mornings so I had half of an orange (roomie ate the other half), a handful of almonds and two string cheeses.

  19. familyfeedingdynamics

    Katy-I love Pink Lady! I usually don't do the diner breakfast, but felt like it this morning! What's the cereal called? Do you have kids and do they like it?

  20. familyfeedingdynamics

    Unscrambled, if you're just doing a smoothie, do you miss "chewing" something?

    Lyorn. Rhythms are different for different people. Glad you found something that works for you. Is sausage still such a breakfast staple? (Wurst? I used to love Gelbwurst and Bierschinken as a kid.) I think there is something to the more substantial breakfast with more fat and protein to get the day going…Do you think many Germans have adopted the cereal and milk? Your meal made me hungry. Sounds soooo good!

  21. Katy

    We were pretty boring this morning with cold cereal (though it was an organic millet-buckwheat-sorghum fancy brand!) with soy milk and sliced Pink Lady apples on the side.

  22. lyorn

    I'm from Germany and have a strange day-and-night rhythm which makes me unable to stomach breakfast after getting up. (Imagine having six hours of eastward jet lag every day). So I breakfast in the office around noon. I had two sandwiches (rye bread, butter, one with goat's cheese with herbs, the other with Italian salami), an apple, a dried fig, and a large mug of black tea.

  23. unscrambled

    I live in the US. I normally have a "green" smoothie with kale or a frittata, but I ran out of kale and didn't make a frittata this week, so:

    -chia seeds
    -whey protein powder
    -brazil nut milk
    -coconut oil (need fat or I am ravenously hungry five minutes later)

    The verdict: weird, but good!

  24. familyfeedingdynamics

    Yum! Rosenleaf, maybe these posts will inspire you!
    I loved the Mediterranean breakfast of white bread, olives, goat cheese, tomatoes and cucumbers when I was in Turkey, but have never eaten it here! My friend was in a hotel in Detroit that catered to lots of Japanese business people and there was the usual continental breakfast plus miso soup!

  25. AMT

    Hello from Spain! I had a pear, two slices of bread with olive oil and serrano (cured) ham, and a cup of black coffee.

  26. rosenleaf

    I'm in Montana and I had cereal with strawberries and whole wheat toast with peanut butter and jam. And coffee.

    I actually hate breakfast because it seems like there are so few options. I get bored with them!


    Nothing. If I sleep in late enough, I just skip right to lunch. Oh and I'm from Indiana.

  28. familyfeedingdynamics

    This is too fun! I lived in Portland for 3 years. LOVE Maine and miss it dearly! I'm on my post-lunch coffee right now!

  29. Michaela

    I'm in Maine and I had strawberry yogurt with homemade granola. And not enough coffee. 😉

  30. Ines

    Interesting question, Katja. has a beautiful and delicious photo book called Breakfast. You can get hungry just looking at the pictures.

    And, what did I have for breakfast? Fried rice from last night and a latte.

  31. familyfeedingdynamics

    Fan Family Feeding Dynamics on FACEBOOK (click on the link to the right on the blog) to see what my facebook followers had for breakfast!)

  32. Erin

    I am from Canada, and I had hot cereal (Sunny Boy brand) with milk and brown sugar. Usually I have either cold cereal (often brown sugar Mini Wheats) or multigrain toast with Nutella.