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don’t blame fat kids, blame the bullies

Posted by on Aug 14, 2012 in Blog Posts |

Last week at an early childhood conference, I saw  puppets for sale to teach about diversity in classrooms. There were puppets of every color, one with a hijab, and one in a wheelchair, but all the dolls were made from the same basic body, just with different colors of skin, hair and clothing. Size diversity was conspicuously missing from the anti-bullying  puppets. When I look at various anti bullying resources, rarely is weight mentioned, even though more than two thirds of fat children...

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BMI myths

Posted by on Jan 6, 2009 in Blog Posts |

From parenting magazines, Wii fit, to your child’s teachers and doctors, it seems all anyone is talking about these days is BMI. BMI or body mass index– for those of you who have been blissfully living under a rock– is a measure relating weight to height.  It is sold as a way to estimate body fat composition and predict health outcomes. It can be a useful tool, but mostly to follow populations– not individuals.  The latest of a long list of studies to illustrate the problems...

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