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more counter space

Posted by on Apr 21, 2009 in Blog Posts |

As in most homes, counter-space is a premium. I grew up with bananas in a bowl or on the counter. My husband joined the marriage with a little wooden stand that sat on our counter and kept the bananas fresher by hanging them.   Save room AND have fresh bananas! Pop by any hardware store, or even Target and buy one of those mug hooks (any screw-in hook that is big enough.) Find an out-of-the-way spot to install the hook, hang the bananas and you’re ready to go.  Kids and...

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storing knives, safe and saves space

Posted by on Jan 10, 2009 in Blog Posts |

We have a relatively small kitchen, and tend to have lots of gadgets to make cooking easier: bread machine, rice cooker, crock-pot, small food processor… So I saw this at a friend’s house and thought it was a great idea.  We mounted ours near the stove and prep surfaces. We’re happy with our magnetic knife holder ( and here’s why: 1)  keeps our knives sharper if not tumbling around in drawers 2) keeps sharp knives out of reach of our daughter who...

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Save money, waste less: date your food.

Posted by on Jan 2, 2009 in Blog Posts | 1 comment

I used to pull a jar of salsa out of the fridge and wonder when I opened it. Was it a week or three months ago? I ended up with two problems: 1) I had things in my fridge that were WELL past fresh. (A recent bottle of peanut oil I found had a sell-by date more than three years passed. Now I know oil stays fresh longer in the fridge, but that was embarrassing.) 2) I threw out things that were probably fine, but couldn’t remember exactly how long they were in the fridge. SOLUTION? I keep...

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