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Koala Kupcakes

Posted by on Oct 25, 2012 in Blog Posts | 4 comments

Sometimes I get tired of being sick and tired. Annoyed with poorly designed studies, bullying, and kids who are put on diets or are forced to eat. So, for something completely different and fun (I do that kind of thing too, though maybe need to more often) I thought I’d share my recent culinary adventures in birthday cupcake decorating! Enjoy!   M is totally obsessed with Koalas. It could be worse. So, there was a koala-themed party. I decided to make koala cupcakes. Here is what I...

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meal planning for the whole family

Posted by on Sep 27, 2012 in Blog Posts | 6 comments

This salsa cranberry dish is a favorite of the grown-ups in the family. Not so much the child.  We had it the other night. It’s an easy, fast, delicious, one-pot dinner. We call it “salcranzobuck.” (salsa craisins, garbanzo beans, chicken-buck buck) When I make it with steak, it’s “salcranzomoo.” I know, pretty awful, but it floats our collective boats. Anyhoo. We had this last night. As an aside, I omit the almonds (too fussy) and dump in a can or garbanzo...

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photoshop and lies: waistlines and caramelized onions

Posted by on Sep 18, 2012 in Blog Posts | 27 comments

Dear aspiring family cooks, Caramelizing onions, you know, that deep brown, sweet, gorgeous onion you see in so many photos with recipes TAKES A LONG TIME. And yet, recipe after recipe I read and try shows the golden onions, with a cook time of 8-10 minutes. The most egregious offender I tried was a dish where raw onions were placed in the oven with chicken and cooked, coming out golden and caramelized in the photos, but looking like limp pale mush on my plate and tasting even worse. I...

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Chick-chick-cauli-curry recipe, smart phone tip, spice fun and more…

Posted by on May 21, 2012 in Blog Posts | 14 comments

When I’m thumbing through a magazine, I often see recipes I want to try, but don’t want to rip the page out (bad form at the doctor’s office). Also, I have stacks of those ripped out pages from random magazine (yes, that I purchased), and they get lost, crinkled, recycled. One of the easiest ways to get that recipe is to grab your phone and snap a pic. (Note, the photo is not for the recipe following…) Also, in the past I have bemoaned the fact that I basically only cook...

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FAST! deconstructed pork won ton dinner

Posted by on Mar 21, 2012 in Blog Posts | 6 comments

I adapted this recipe from Mad Hungry, Lucinda Scala. I found the original too salty and sharp, but with a lot of promise, so I experimented.  I cut the soy sauce in half and added the broth, and cooked the alcohol off a little, rather than throwing it in with the sauce. We all love this, and when you use the tubes of garlic and ginger, which is by far my favorite convenience item ever, it can be on the table in less than 20 minutes. Serve with any side: broccoli, steamed snow peas, microwaved...

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