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Koala Kupcakes

Posted by on Oct 25, 2012 in Blog Posts | 4 comments

Sometimes I get tired of being sick and tired. Annoyed with poorly designed studies, bullying, and kids who are put on diets or are forced to eat. So, for something completely different and fun (I do that kind of thing too, though maybe need to more often) I thought I’d share my recent culinary adventures in birthday cupcake decorating! Enjoy!   M is totally obsessed with Koalas. It could be worse. So, there was a koala-themed party. I decided to make koala cupcakes. Here is what I...

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Pouches and Squeezies: nice option or enabling counterproductive feeding?

Posted by on Jun 25, 2012 in Blog Posts | 17 comments

I was shocked at Target recently when I saw that fully half of the baby foods section was taken up by pouches or “squeezies.” (This recent NYT article details their meteoric growth, convenienceĀ  factor, and why they may be problematic…) I had first seen these about ten years in France. (Can you believe a convenience food that wasn’t invented in the U.S.!?) My nieces would get a pouch packed in the picnic lunch or on the bike ride. It was not a food consumed at home. It...

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Chick-chick-cauli-curry recipe, smart phone tip, spice fun and more…

Posted by on May 21, 2012 in Blog Posts | 14 comments

When I’m thumbing through a magazine, I often see recipes I want to try, but don’t want to rip the page out (bad form at the doctor’s office). Also, I have stacks of those ripped out pages from random magazine (yes, that I purchased), and they get lost, crinkled, recycled. One of the easiest ways to get that recipe is to grab your phone and snap a pic. (Note, the photo is not for the recipe following…) Also, in the past I have bemoaned the fact that I basically only cook...

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Pediasure drink boxes to the rescue!

Posted by on May 17, 2012 in Blog Posts | 6 comments

New pediasure for “picky eaters.” Here it is, “Abbott is introducing a new option for picky eaters’ routine with PediaSure SideKicks Clear(1), a refreshing clear nutritional beverage that helps balance out the diet of those picky eaters who are growing fine, but still may be missing nutrients. Moms can also have peace of mind knowing that their picky eaters are receiving a source of protein and 19 vitamins and minerals. ” I worry when there are specific products...

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fall and winter foods

Posted by on Dec 14, 2011 in Blog Posts | 7 comments

It’s that time of year when the root veggies beckon, and are cheaper than the summer items, now flown in from more exotic and remote (expensive) climates. Last night our dinner had two purple sides, beet salad and red cabbage. (My goodness, as I search now, I realize I have never written up our traditional German red cabbage recipe. I will have to remedy that soon!) About the red cabbage… It’s something I refused to eat as a child, I was pressured to like it, and though I...

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