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Training Adults to Identify Hunger: Do Kids Need “Training?”

Posted by on Aug 7, 2013 in Blog Posts | 2 comments

  Recently, an interesting journal article has been making the rounds about training adults to recognize and respond to hunger cues. Essentially, the researchers asked study participants to pay attention to when they felt hunger: described as “EHS” or empty hollow sensation of the stomach, and “inanition,” or more of the feelings of anxiousness, fatigue, headache etc. that often come later. They then tested blood sugar levels in the subjects and by doing so, were...

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organic but eating Fritos vs. spoiled snacks: my verdict? “should” ruins eating…

Posted by on Apr 23, 2013 in Blog Posts | 9 comments

My husband recently sent me a link to this Podcast, with “Judge” John Hodgman and guest Alton Brown, who help a couple decide who is right or wrong around eating decaying food and more. It’s worth a listen, and if you don’t want any “spoliers” (haha) stop reading, listen to the podcast and come back. Who is “right?” Never so simple around something as fundamental to life and self as food. Summary: Husband: Eats spoiled food, rotten food, from the...

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Chocolate milk helps kids shed the pounds!

Posted by on Apr 2, 2013 in Blog Posts | 8 comments

This study about beverages and BMI (Public Health Nutrition Journal)  in a sampling of Mexican American children showed that the more flavored milk kids drank, the lower the BMI. (Soda was associated with an increased risk of “obesity,” interestingly, juice and other sugar-sweetened beverages showed no effect…) OK, I don’t really believe that chocolate milk makes kids thinner, or fatter. I believe there is a complex play of factors, from genetics to poverty, to timing...

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teach kids to use the “f-word”

Posted by on Mar 14, 2013 in Blog Posts | 13 comments

Part of my mission is to help kids feel good about food AND their bodies. This post is about helping children develop positive body image, and avoid fat bias. (Caillou is one of the few shows I’ve found that shows positive body diversity.) This question recently made it’s way to my inbox… “I don’t know how to talk to my preschooler about fat people.  When reading a story where a character is described as ‘the fat man’ I change it to ‘the big...

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Enjoy your cheese and creamy yogurt. Feel-good and taste-good science.

Posted by on Feb 21, 2013 in Blog Posts |

Any time I can find science that doesn’t freak people out, and in fact calms fears, I am thrilled. When formerly demonized foods/nutrients like eggs, salt, coffee, or whatever are rebutted, I jump for joy. For a long time, I’ve been skeptical about the low-fat/fat-free dairy push and hype. Not only skeptical, but worried with the obesity panic that one year-olds are put on skim or low-fat milk and are not getting enough fat. When my daughter was in Kindergarten, she was teased by...

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