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Family Meal Resolutions Part II: be a parent, not a food cop

Posted by on Jan 9, 2014 in Blog Posts |

It’s human nature. We want to continue doing what makes us feel good, and stop things that don’t. Family meals aren’t always a lot of fun, especially if there is a worry about rapid weight gain, or nutrition with a selective eater who isn’t gaining weight. When parents worry, the kitchen table is no longer a place for connection, joy and sharing time together. Rather, it becomes a place of anxiety, power struggles and counting calories or bites. This worry and focus on...

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Resolution More Family Dinner Part I: the Kitchen Island

Posted by on Jan 2, 2014 in Blog Posts | 3 comments

If having more meals together as a family is your New Year’s Resolution, one often overlooked piece of the puzzle is the physical space where meals happen. Let’s consider the kitchen island. Other than just being a place to throw keys and homework, the kitchen island in many houses and apartments has replaced the kitchen table. Granite countertops sell homes— humble tables don’t. Growing up in the ’70s and ’80s, most Midwestern middle class kitchens I visited...

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African Peanut Stew/Soup, chicken recipes, and menu plan

Posted by on Oct 21, 2013 in Blog Posts |

I roasted these two ladies yesterday and have dinner planned for the rest of the week.  (Easy roasted chicken recipe.) This is a slightly more ambitious meal plan than usual. Chickens? Same time/same oven, the one on the left had crispier skin, and overcooked legs (I’m too lazy to truss properly.) I will use the chicken for the soup and enchilada casserole (making two, one for a friend.) I love the casseroles that have all the veggies in them (beans/onions for enchilada, and...

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“When my parents gave up on my eating, that’s when it happened.”

Posted by on Aug 2, 2013 in Blog Posts | 4 comments

I love my work: that thrill when a client makes a connection, sees things a new way, perhaps understanding how the things s/he was doing to try to make a child’s eating “better” may have actually slowed progress. A dad I talked to recently shared the following, when we discussed how his own history around food can help him relate to his daughter’s picky eating and food worries. For a little background, this dad was very picky as a child, eating only a handful of foods....

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First Family Meals for Fostering and Adopting Families

Posted by on Jul 16, 2013 in Blog Posts | 3 comments

A reader asks: “As we near time to bring home 2 kids on visitor’s visa whom we are adopting who are selective eaters, I’m trying to make sure I have a plan in place with regards to safe foods being offered at each meal. They favor noodles, pizza (which we all can eat), hotdogs, and blini and cheese on bread or separate and yogurt & cucumbers and pickles. Do I just make sure we have noodles or pizza or blini or cheese or hot dogs at each meal in addition to the foods that...

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