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Baby Led Weaning (or starting solids) book review and nutritionist weighs in (with her 7 month old daughter!)

Posted by on Jan 31, 2011 in Blog Posts | 52 comments

Baby-led Weaning is not about weaning in the sense that we think of it. For the British authors, it means the introduction and transition to solids from breast milk or formula. Basically, the authors (both mothers, one a public health nurse, the other a writer) say that healthy babies do not need to be spoon-fed- ever, and make the case that BLW is the way to go- it makes for less stressful feeding, and makes kids less picky, develop earlier, be happier at the table… The gist is babies...

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paralyzed by our own fears: food and others

Posted by on Dec 14, 2010 in Blog Posts | 6 comments

So M had her slew of shots the other day. It kind of snuck up on me. Here’s the thing– I HATE NEEDLES. I had major anxiety over shots as a kid, still have the occasional nightmare.  My husband thinks it’s funny that it was easier for me to use a scalpel than a needle on my patients. So, that is the depth of my dislike of needles. I was surprised by how much my fear paralyzed me when it came to dealing with M and her shots. I didn’t know what to do. I doubted and mulled for...

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some decent books at Target

Posted by on Oct 26, 2010 in Blog Posts | 6 comments

After raling about a book I saw at Target, I wanted to give them props for these gems. At $1 each, they are lovely looking, printed in the USA and well-written. My 5 yo loves hearing the stories of Peter Pan, Wizard of Oz, Secret Garden etc. There are illustrations every other page or so which helps keep her interest as well since she tends to be a wanderer. I was a fidgety kid and I didn’t get read to as much (it can be annoying to have a kid who is playing with the cat while...

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ignoring the weeds and loving our bodies

Posted by on Jun 18, 2010 in Blog Posts | 8 comments

I’ve spent a bit of time in our yard recently and realized that I don’t enjoy it. I only see the weeds. I sit in my swing that I longed for, and pop up after about 3 minutes to pull weeds. Yesterday I walked by the side of the house, bent down to pull a bunch of weeds–my head was 3 inches from some gorgeous and delicate pink roses– but I didn’t even notice them. I stood up to move on and caught a hint of their delicate perfume. I stopped. Looked at the roses, bent down and...

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“somehow we always end up talking about food…”

Posted by on Jun 11, 2010 in Blog Posts | 6 comments

Yesterday I was doing some voice over work for a video I’m working on for feeding preschoolers and a lovely woman was sitting next to me. She asked what my video topic was. “I’m a childhood feeding specialist. I help families who are struggling with feeding issues, from picky eating to weight concerns.” She literally rolled her chair over and we started talking. Another mom at Legoland at the Mall of America confided, “Bribing with dessert used to be the only way...

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