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Questionable things experts say, one I missed: Part 2

Posted by on Mar 14, 2011 in Blog Posts | 4 comments

Hands down, one of the worst and most frequent I come across is:

“Do whatever you have to to get food into that kid.”

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  1. Shaunta

    My son was very thin as a kid–he was misdiagnosed for almost 5 years with ADHD (He has Asperger’s) and was on a stimulant for a long time that zapped his appetite. That combined with a kid who has Asperger’s natural sensory issues, and my kid just didn’t eat. And people would tell me ALL THE TIME, just make him eat. Or, my favorite, don’t let him eat anything else until he eats dinner. Riiiight. Then he’d eat nothing. So yeah, I spent five years making him the very narrow range of foods that he’d eat, and trying to convince him to eat a few other things, too. It’s crazy how the advice can be so contradictory–do whatever you can to make him eat, but don’t feed him what he actually will eat.

    • katja

      Oh man, so sorry you went through all those years with the wrong diagnosis and med side effects. I’m glad you figured that out. there is so much contradictory advice. I really feel for parents. Some compassion would be nice too. Add on the guilt of all those who extol gluten, casein, preservative, dye…-free diets as a cure when your kid will only eat processed white and tan foods. My friend literally almost lost it worrying about her son’s eating and he would not eat the severely restricted foods that were supposed to “cure” her son. All I am asking for is that the experts either 1) get a minimum of training or 2) don’t make things worse wading into areas where you have no training…

  2. Twistie

    … rapidly followed by the advertisement for the home feeding tube, natch. (rolls eyes)

    • katja

      Parents feel so much guilt, fear etc. I also know doctors who pretty much threaten parents and scare them to death, “if you don’t get them to eat, they’ll need a feeding tube!!!” or even report parents of “failure to thrive” kids to CPS (even if it’s a child growing consistently at the 3rd percentile, I have heard this used as a threat as if the parent needs more motivation, isn’t already terrified enough. All that fear makes feeding WORSE, not better…)