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Salmon declared “Ewie”

Posted by on Jan 30, 2009 in Blog Posts |

So our salmon last night was not a big hit. M declared it “Ewie,” which we then corrected to, “Its not my favorite.” (Its OK for kids not to like a food, but not OK for them to be rude.) Sad thing is, it was “Ewie.” I overcooked it, and the soy/apricot jam glaze didn’t work in the grill pan as nicely as it has on the real grill or in the oven.

Do I admit my failures, when I’m trying to inspire home-cooking? Heck yes! We experiment, we make do, we mess up, we burn, but we keep trying. Sometimes it is spectacular, sometimes just OK, but it was a pleasant meal, and the rice and broccoli were great! Cooking at home saves money, often time, allows for bonding, and family meals, and you are always learning new things. By the way, the purple stuff in the top photo is beet salad. Its way better than it sounds, I’ll post a recipe soon…

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