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Playmobil family Meal #1: can you spot the “mistakes?”

Posted by on Apr 2, 2012 in Blog Posts | 11 comments

M is pretty obsessed with Playmobil, and I have indulged, since I pined my entire childhood for the pricey toys…

After getting the kitchen set recently, and setting it up in the bookcase where they all live, we had a little fun…

I have set up a scenario, and there will be more, and want you to see if you can spot some common feeding “mistakes” that can make it harder for kids to learn to eat a variety, or eat the right amounts or their bodies…

I’d love to see what you think, and then I will repost the picture with what I was thinking when I set it up. It’s a little bit of “read my mind,” but it seemed like a fun activity. Who knows! Also, the faces might be smiling, or you can reinterpret them as angry if you like… Couldn’t do much there.

What do you think?

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  1. playmobil police

    That was so cute and so lovely. Great playmobil designs .

  2. freya

    And I
    really love playmobil!

  3. freya

    the plates are on the floor

  4. Heather

    The biggest thing to me was that the baby was eating in isolation, not at a family meal. Even if your child needs snacks and you don’t, you can still sit down at the table together and have a glass of water or cup of tea or something. Also, to me it looked like the adults were playing the ‘so big’ game with the child, distracting the child and not creating a calm environment centered around eating.

    Or, with the plates on the floor, I thought maybe the baby had thrown them there (being bored, isolated, and done with the food but still left in the chair) and now the adults are yelling at the baby about the plates.

    • katja

      all great points! Game playing is a tactic I see my clients engaging in a lot, to get a few more bites in… Also, there is no Playmovil TV, but I put the radio in the background to show further distraction… 🙂
      The main point is right on, this kid could be pulled up to a table…

  5. JeninCanada

    Lots of work to be done in my head I see, as nothing in this jumped out at me as ‘wrong’ except for all the damn dogs begging around the highchair. I was raised that the dogs stay out of the kitchen whenever people are eating.

  6. KellyK

    I can’t tell whether the lady with the bottle is holding it up out of the baby’s reach (not nice) or cheering because he finished it (too much pressure and teaching the kid to finish their bottle/plate/bowl rather than pay attention to internal cues). The baby’s also isolated from other people eating (which may be totally reasonable if the baby needs a different snack schedule than the big people). The close proximity of the dogs, who you know are just hoping food will get dropped, might be a stressor for the baby too. (Also, there are plates on the floor and the dogs aren’t licking them–how does that even happen? ;))

  7. Shannon

    The child is eating in isolation – no one else in the room is eating. Why not feed him/her at mealtimes with everyone eating?

    There’s only one thing on the child’s tray to choose from.

    I’m not a huge fan of bottlefeeding, so at first I thought the bottle was just wrong, but hey! Maybe the kid’s adopted. But at any rate, s/he can’t reach it.

    Everyone’s cheering over something, which strikes me as making too much of a big deal over eating.

    I do like the fact that you included the dogs in the setup, though. They are truly excellent at cleaning up whatever hits the floor. 🙂 My dogs take their cleanup chores very seriously.

    • katja

      Yes, the point of the child, floating in the middle of the room as the only one eating is key. This kid should be pulled up to the table.. Also, the dogs could be a distraction. I’ve seen many selective eaters or small kids who literally watch the pets’ antics and it distracts them from being able to tell if they are hungry or full. But, yes they do clean nicely 🙂
      What if they aren’t cheering, but yelling, and the baby is crying? (seen that too…)

  8. cecile

    The baby cannot reach his bottle… and that green blob (a brussel sprout ?) might make him choke ? Chiara set the same scene, roughly, but the baby had a huge fish that the boy just fished (sorry if it’s not correct) for him. I love Playmobil !

    • katja

      Ha! What if it’s an 18 month old?
      I imagined it more as the parent withholding the bottle until the child ate the “food” (it is hard to make tiny food from Sculpey clay 🙂