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My cheerleader let me down. We’re heading to B-Dubs (read on…)

Posted by on Jan 9, 2013 in Blog Posts | 9 comments

Me: “Honey, I need you to talk me into cooking dinner so we don’t end up at Buffalo Wild Wings tonight.”

Husband: “No.”


cooking-wifeThis is a first. Usually, when for whatever reason I don’t want to cook, a few words of encouragement from Hubby and I’m in the mood (so to speak). Almost always he prefers what I cook to restaurant food.

Sometimes when I don’t feel like cooking,  it’s having just one other person say they get it, it can be boring, and ‘thank you,’ and I’m happy to cook. I try not to eat out too much because it’s a hassle, expensive and the food is usually not great. But, sometimes I just don’t want to cook, and even though this morning I was looking forward to my deconstructed won ton dinner, at 4:45 on the local ice-rink, I wanted Wings.

So, at 6:15 we are meeting at B-Dubs (I’ve only been there once, and I looked up their menu online and saw it’s called B-Dubs…) I think it’s HI-larious (and emblematic of what is so wrong with how we approach food in this culture) that they only serve fat-free Ranch, so we may have to bring our own dressing :) M doesn’t like fried chicken or gooey mac n cheese, so she would probably have liked the won-tons, but I think at 7, it’s time to introduce her to the chicken wing, eh?

Yay, and the won-tons can wait until tomorrow! What helps you get over that “I don’t want to cook” hurdle, and can you be happy and not feel guilty when you decide to eat out?  Oh, and don’t forget, eating out counts as a family meal too!

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