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Posted by on Mar 11, 2011 in Blog Posts | 1 comment

I would love to network and look for support for my family while we work towards this shift in feeding and create a healthier and happier home. Ideally, someone local and someone who may have been through similar things. We have a a 2year old that was born 2 months premature. We have done everything wrong listening to the guidance and ‘concern’ from pediatricians, NICU discharge staff, dieticians, speech therapists, GIs, and the like. After 2 years of pressure and misery, we want to make a change. Anyone out there want to connect?

How about it readers, anyone resonate with this? Experience with a pressured feeding history that you were able to transition to a trust model? Pitfalls, joys? Feel free to post responses here, or hit the “Contact me” button, with your private email if you’d like to help this mom directly…

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  1. Twistie

    If there doesn’t turn out to be a ready-made local form of support, then it might be time to create it yourself. Get a couple books, do some research, and then find a place where you can meet people and start putting up flyers. A neighborhood coffee house, your local library, or VFW hall might be willing to let you set up meetings if you don’t want to invite people into your home for it.

    My guess is that you’ll find other parents having issues with feeding and looking for a better way no matter where you are. If you can find a couple who will act as your support group, that’s fantastic. But sometimes you have to be your own activist.

    Best of luck!