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lunch box challenge

Posted by on Dec 13, 2010 in Blog Posts | 2 comments

Did you try my lunch box challenge last week?

Could you do it? What happened?

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  1. Michellers

    Wow, this was hard. I had NO idea how often I asked my daughter what she ate at school until I had to stop.

    Recently she decided that she likes the cafeteria snack more than anything I could pack, so I have been sending her off to Pre-K with 60 cents and a hope that the snack options aren’t too gross. But I realized that have been quizzing her about what she ate for snack every day because I was curious. Oops.

    I did eventually realize that the snack options are listed on the lunch calendar that the school hands out every month, and was relieved to see a decent spectrum of options. So I am careful now not to ask about what she ate. It’s so hard not to worry…

    • katja

      thanks for taking the challenge 🙂 it’s a tough balance between needing to know and plan meals and snacks and interrogating 🙂 Again, what is the motive? If a parent wants to know what is served for lunch to plan for variety vs to cut calories etc it’s probably fine, and the kid would likely pick up on the difference…