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little hands making apple sauce

Posted by on Oct 17, 2011 in Blog Posts |

It’s fall, and that means apples! Whether you can pick your own, or get them from the store, they are a lovely, versatile fruit.

As I mentioned recently, M has taken more of an interest recently in helping with cooking. A great dish where the kids can do most of it is applesauce. I peel and cut apples into 8ths roughly, and then she can slice them and put them into the bowl. She can add a little brown sugar and a touch of water, and then help stir them on the stove with a long-handled wooden spoon. Always supervise, and chose an appropriate knife. Another key is to have a stable stool. This one is from Ikea. I always fantasized about one of those kitchen towers, but our kitchen was a little too small and now she’s really big enough not to need it anymore, but boy, would I have loved the stability of that option.

(Random tip… Parents of little ones, if you have different stools, keep them all! We have used 3 different stools at different times these last years, from maybe 4 inches to a few feet- at various ages and for various purposes, from reaching the bathroom sink to helping in the kitchen. I would put one in the basement thinking we were done, and 6 months later, it would be just what we needed.)

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