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let it snow! kitchen tool tip for sweet days…

Posted by on Feb 2, 2011 in Blog Posts | 2 comments

We made home-made waffles this weekend, and M likes a little powdered sugar on hers. (Oh, and the melon was on sale so we enjoyed fresh melon again! Nothing like $5.99 melons to get you to eat more seasonally!)

It was a mess with the big sieve, so I came up with using the little spring-loaded mesh tea dispenser (you know, it looks like two tiny sieves clamped together.) I put about a teaspoon or so of powdered sugar in it and she had fun tapping it over her waffles. It looked so pretty and was less messy, and we had more control than with the big sieve.

Can you think of other things you could sprinkle with this? Kids seem to LOVE sprinkling things 🙂 Sometimes my picky clients will try apple-sauce or yogurt if they can sprinkle something on. M loves apple slices with cinnamon. We had a tea party with a little friend, and the girls had apple-slices with cinnamon  and barely touched the other options. (Remember to offer foods with no pressure, praise or rewards…)

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  1. Bobbini

    This isn’t a sweet tip, but we’ve had better luck with Parmesan cheese since we created a kid-sized shaker for it. Before, the large cans of pre-shredded cheese resulted in pasta completely covered in cheese because the joy of shaking was too hard to overcome. We took an empty spice jar with a shaker top and fill it with Parmesan cheese now, which means there’s a limited amount of cheese they can share, and they have to shake it harder to get it out.

  2. Twistie

    Sprinkling a little cinnamon or ginger (with a bit of sugar added to it) is always nice on hot goodies like waffles and pancakes and toast. You could also use a little cocoa powder (again, with a bit of sugar added).

    Funnily enough, Mr. Twistie always salts and peppers his French toast and pancakes. He doesn’t like them sugared, and didn’t even when he was a kid. Me? I want them sweet with lots of butter and sugar, please.