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It’s portion control! Ho! Ho! Ho!

Posted by on Oct 1, 2009 in Blog Posts |

In my never-ending effort to find more resources for parents, I recently finished two more dissapointments. These have kept me thinking though. (Not linking.)

The first was a cook book by a Chef who cooks great food for school lunches. It looked wonderful, lots of yummy recipes– and then I read the classic admonitions that seem to be everywhere about childhood “obe$#ty”. How parents need to control how much of the “fattening” food the kids eat, while bribing with “better” foods. He tells parents to demand the child eat three brussel sprouts as the price for another serving of meat or potatoes. He extols the virtues of portion control for weight control.
The second book was a general book about eating and weight for children by a Harvard trained physician. Again the same advice on control, portion size, restriction etc.
What did both authors have in common? They looked like Santa Claus- big bellies and all. They might both have excellent levels of fitness, blood pressure etc, I don’t know. It’s ironic that here are two men, whom the CDC would no doubt call “obese” if not “morbidly obese” giving out advice on restraint and control and weight loss when it comes to feeding our kids. If it’s really that simple, I don’t know… maybe they would have been slim?
Our society has it all wrong when it comes to helping kids achieve the healthy weight that was meant for them. We know that restraint and control (feeding or withholding to try to get a kid to lose weight) doesn’t work.
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