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Isn’t it ironic? Nutrition rules spoil eating…

Posted by on Aug 22, 2013 in Blog Posts | 3 comments


“I guess we’ll just have to fill up on S’moreos.”


Scene: summer camp, Kindergarten through 2nd grade

Cookout lunch where kids bring ingredients for grilled tortilla pizza.

What happened as reported by a 7 year-old:

“Brittney, the counselor-in-training, kept trying to make us all eat our celery, there were carrots too. No one liked the celery. It was really stringy, but we had to eat three pieces. We tried to give them all to one kid who liked it, some kids threw them under the table, and then they burned the pizza so we had to eat black tortilla pizzas, and then we got extra S’moreos because we were so hungry.”


So many symbolic and real implications, but just wanted to share this quick gem.

Side note, this child eats spinach salad, kohlrabi, beet salad and a variety of veggies. She doesn’t like plain, raw celery among other things. Are children not allowed to have opinions/preferences about food? She also discovered she prefers S’moreos to the classic S’more.

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  1. cecile

    What are Smoreos ? I don’t like Smores, but if this one involves Oreos, then I might want to try it !

  2. Fat Grad

    This is hilarious! I never really liked celery as a child, but now I love it as long as I have some dip for it. YUM! Didn’t the counselors or the cook have the sense to string the celery? Kids don’t like weird textures, people! And they should be allowed to have food preferences, but apparently only if that food preference is what grown-ups currently think is healthy. Sigh. Now on to the important matter – why have I never heard of a S’moreo before? And why am I not eating one RIGHT NOW?!?!?!?!?