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I’m in People Magazine…

Posted by on Jul 10, 2012 in Blog Posts | 6 comments

Well, sort of.  I wrote to the editor and it’s in the latest People with Katie and Tom on the cover.

Here is what I said, “As a family doctor and specialist working with feeding and eating disorders, I was thrilled to see a dose of reality with the dietitian recommending that Khloe Kardashian, Stacy Kiebler and Maria Menounos increase their intake by 500 to 800 calories a day. I’m thankful that People pointed out that the way Hollywood eats isn’t necessarily healthy and doesn’t sound very enjoyable.”

Yay! Maybe we should all fire off some letters now and then. I never thought it would get published.

Of course, the magazine had another article about how J.Lo got in shape for summer… Oh well, at least it’s a start! What do you think? Was People always so obsessed with bodies and dieting and workouts??

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  1. J.Perrino

    I applaud you for getting your letter in “People,” and believe that they used to be somewhat less, how do I say, gossipy? It seems like once upon a time they featured real stories, interesting stories and were more than just a rag mag.

    Any information you offer featuring realistic, commonsense approaches to eating in a healthful, normal fashion should be applauded. Perhaps someone else will be led to your work through your note. Kudos!

  2. Heather

    Congratulations on getting your letter published!

    You inspired me to send one off to General Mills on their dreadful “More Grains Less You” campaign.

  3. Bobbini

    I’m going to be the Debby Downer here and say that I think that ALL articles that purport to offer medical advice to people the writer/speaker hasn’t actually treated are a really BAD idea. After all, if the same RD had said that Gabourey Sidibe should consume 500-800 fewer calories a day, that would be infuriating.

    The fact is, that RD doesn’t know anything more about the health or health habits of these women than she would of Sidibe. Making recommendations to people you don’t know and don’t treat is wrong for any clinician and women’s bodies are not public property–even if they’re famous.

    I appreciate how these magazines contribute to a culture that focuses too much on weight an appearance, but the answer isn’t ‘eat a sandwich’ any more than it’s ‘put down the burger’.

    • katja

      Not Debby Downer, just a voice of reason. My letter was edited, of course, and the dietitian put it as “she could eat 500-800 more calories…” and I TOTALLY agree. Some people eat a little, some a lot, the whole formulaic approach is not my approach, nor is one that is intuitive or eating competent. However, I did see it as a glimmer of rationality that what the women were ingesting (I think one was drinking a gallon of hot water with pepper a day…) was not simply held up as an ideal, or right way to have that perfect body. Maybe I’m wrong, but it was definitely different than anything I have seen in those kind of magazines, and I wanted to point that out.
      Thanks so much for writing, and bringing a more full discussion out on the topic!

  4. JenC

    I read that letter and applauded it!

  5. Becky Henry

    YAY!!! THank you for taking the time to write to them! People mag was one of the “rags” that fed my daughter’s eating disorder. She was always looking at them. In the airplane and the car on the way to the treatment center across the country…it made me sick.

    Knowing what I know now we should banned them from our home much earlier than we did.

    Yes, they’ve always been very focused/obsessed with bodies/dieting and workouts.

    Congrats on the INK!!!
    Becky Henry
    Hope Network, LLC