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I’ll take what I can get…

Posted by on Mar 7, 2011 in Blog Posts | 17 comments

On the way to a friend’s Friday (no school, again…)

Me: “We’re having brisket and beans for dinner, what would you like with it, noodles? rice? Oh, I know, how about cornbread?”

M: “Yes!!! You are the greatest mom in the world.”

My cornbread isn’t even all that, but I’ll take it! Better than, “Well, if it was white rice I would eat it and love it, but no thank you if it’s brown rice…” (Though I’ll take that too. Polite at least!)

What foods do your kids cheer or jeer for?

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  1. Jess

    I have a pretty enthusiastic eater– he cheers for just about any kind of animal protein (chicken, eggs, milk, yogurt, cheese, sausage, steak, fish, lamb, bacon, you name the animal, he loves it braised, grilled, roasted or fried). He also loves raw vegetables, especially cucumbers, carrots and red bell peppers (we eat salad almost every night at our house) and starches like pasta, rice and bread. Any fruit is a big hit (except, for some reason, mango). Favorite cooking project: baking bread, cakes and cookies.

    But even though this little omnivore will eat anchovy pasta, he will not eat a carrot if it is cooked– the only cooked vegetables he’ll eat are peas, beans and potatoes. Sometimes broccoli, if he’s in the mood, but he probably only eats it one out of four times I serve it. Mushrooms? Yuck! He’ll refuse to eat things he likes to help make, like roasted root vegetables (I let him toss the veg with olive oil, garlic and herbs with his hands). He just picks out the potatoes and leaves the butternut squash or sweet potatoes behind. I find it mystifying, but I just try to count my blessings considering he has a long list of foods he does eat with gusto.

  2. hayley

    mini pancakes. they go nuts for them! i give little bowls with syrup for dipping.
    they are also both fanatics for any kind of berries.

  3. Twistie

    I don’t have kids, but I do remember the thrill I used to get when I saw Mom was making spinich, Brussels sprouts, and any kind of fish. Yes, I was huge fan of most of the things that ‘no kid every likes.’ Baked potatoes and brown rice also got raves from me. Soups, stews, anything involving fresh potatoes, roast beef… I liked what I liked, and that was it. I always liked a lot of different things.

    Mr. Twistie gets thrilled when I announce that I have the makings for homemade pesto. He was shocked the first time I made pesto not from a jar, but by using my food processor on fresh basil leaves, pine nuts, olive oil and a dab of Parmesan. Now when I get Basil in the CSA box, Mr. Twistie imitates Pavlov’s dog. He brought it up just the other day, in fact. Can’t wait for basil season!

    • katja

      Yumm! I’ll never forget my first home-made pesto on home-made bread. Wow…

    • Kristy

      I second you on the spinach! And homemade pesto… yummmmmmy. I’ll never forget the first time I had it, when a dear friend made me a jar from basil she had grown in her own garden. I think the love made it even better.

  4. Bobbini

    My 6-year-old is thrilled that we’re having “egg pie” (quiche) tonight for supper–so thrilled that I got a running start hug for it when I picked up the frozen crust at the grocery store.

    • katja

      running start hugs are the best, except when you’re crouching or kneeling and they knock you over! Enjoy your “egg pie!”

  5. Carol Gwenn

    Always read your stuff with interest – it’s SO sensible!

    My brother, who as an adult turned into a real foodie, grew up eating just a handful of foods. My mother never pushed, just said “Here’s what’s for dinner. Eat it or not, you know where the peanut butter is”. My bro lived for YEARS on peanut butter, whole-grain bread, salad sans dressing, gallons of milk, raw veggies & ALWAYS claimed the very well-done end cut of the roast. When he went away to college, he suddenly discovered things like Mexican food & totally changed the way he ate. He grew up healthy & active; his diet was balanced & satisfied his needs until he was ready to try new things. Made me realize that EVERYONE approaches food differently & that some people may takes eons to develop a taste for new things, but that the body will always tell you what it needs & how to get it. If only more parents could just see the beautiful simplicity of what you teach!

  6. Heidi

    My son loves red bell pepper, cucumbers, and, yesterday, devoured two whole oranges…but today, when I offered him some peach crisp, he refused to eat it, even though he adores peaches.

    • katja

      this is what I try to get people to understand who struggle with this. Even food they “love” will be rejected for no apparent reason (other than they can…) Stop trying to guess or only feed kids what we think they’ll eat. They will surprise us!

  7. Ines

    What an excellent question, Katja! I love it. Let me answer, for my daughter it is blueberries and blackberries (wild from Wisconsin even better). For my son, it is oreo cookies.

  8. Shannon

    My son (11 years old) told me that my black bean soup is his favorite thing that I make. He even brought it to school in a tupperware and ate it cold for lunch. It’s cheater’s black bean soup – canned black beans, canned chicken stock, but fresh celery, carrot and onions in the mire pois. Cumin, bay leaf, chili powder, a touch of thyme. I love that he loves my “easy” food.

    He’s also a huge fan of homemade pizza, but I think that’s because it’s just as much art project as it is dinner. And he likes watching me toss the dough.

    • katja

      Yummy! Nothing “cheating” about that! Sounds great! I’d probably eat that with some tortilla chips on the side…My kiddo doesn’t like pizza. Bummer!

      • Heather

        I thought I had the only kid who doesn’t like pizza. Actually, we made pizza at home over the weekend. I made a small crust for my son, put out all the toppings and let him decorate it – and he ate it all! First time ever!

        • katja

          nice! I love the make-your-own pizza, we do that with taco night, with little bowls of tomatoes, lettuce, plain yogurt, shredded cheese, meat, etc. I think it helps to let them chose, even if it’s only tomatoes and cheese one week, and only turkey and lettuce the next.

  9. Shaunta

    My kids fight over my pan seared BRUSSELS SPROUTS. I’m not kidding. It’s ridiculous. I think it’s the maple syrup I add at the end. Also, they really love when my husband makes pizza. Other things are give and take, my son loves when I make a roast and my older daughter won’t eat any kind of roast at all. My little daughter eats anything and loves food so much she’s a pleasure to feed. She gets excited about everything from Cheerios to sardines.

    • katja

      Shaunta, I love that! (Would love your recipe for sprouts BTW) Importantly, you point out that kids approach foods differently (as do adults- I for example have NEVER in my life “forgot to eat lunch.”) Some are adventurous and seem tuned in to the flavors, textures, and others are more cautious, not as interested. It’s one thing that most approaches to picky eating never takes into account. “Picky? if only you use Baby Led Weaning, or make faces out of the food, or make Smoothies, or hide it…” I saw an article (didn’t read it but just read the headline) Turn Your Kid Into a Foodie in Three Easy Steps. Please!