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Posted by on Jun 16, 2010 in Blog Posts | 3 comments

Nothing better than a fridge full of yummy food and a meal plan for the next 5 days…

I am grateful, and think it’s a lucky problem to have that in my giant (pretty standard these days) fridge I still can’t find room for everything. I remember my nieces from Paris would come to visit and literally stand gaping in front of the enormous fridge. (Their kitchen was TINY, and they cooked amazing meals on a double hot-plate, toaster oven and a fridge and freezer that was the size of a medicine cabinet…)
My nieces would marvel at the ice-machine (last house, oh, how I miss the in-door ice dispenser…)
After a few days of eating out (kitchen floor is finally dry and protected) I’m looking forward to cooking again.
Have lots of exciting work stuff going on today, so a brief post 🙂
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  1. rsmr

    Lucky me, I'm in Los Angeles where the farmer's markets operate year round. I do occasionally shop at Whole Foods (aka Whole Paycheck Foods) and Trader Joe's when I can't get to a farmer's market.

    The grocery service that I use is and the delivery fee is usually only about $7-10. When you order online, you automatically get all the "club" prices, so it's no more expensive than shopping in the store. In fact, I'm not sure how they possibly could be making money!


  2. familyfeedingdynamics

    I LOVE the idea of a grocery service! The one I looked at seemed to have higher prices on the staple, but I think that calculus will be worth it if things get much busier. I think it's GREAT meal planning tool and I recommend it to families who are struggling with family meals if they have the resources.Does the nice man put the groceries away too? That's a job I could do without! DO you shop in the winter when there is no farmer's market?

  3. rsmr

    I KNOW! Sometimes I do feel guilty when I see so much food in the fridge–especially when I find some mossy leftovers or inedible vegetables at the end of the week that I totally forgot to make or take for lunch. But mostly I am HAPPY when I have so many fabulous options to make and eat.

    I'm even happier when I use a grocery delivery service–I can use my shopping history to create a new list, I can meal-plan more easily, I don't have to wonder if I ran out of something (I can go into the Kitchen and look), I think I spend less money because there is no impulse buying, but most of all I don't have to spend 45 un-quality minutes with my daughter in the grocery store! And some nice man brings everything into my kitchen for me. One quick trip to a farmer's market on the weekend and I'm set for the week. Happiness abounds.