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fun with pomegranates

Posted by on Dec 1, 2010 in Blog Posts | 14 comments

So, I’ve been wrestling with a post about adult picky eating and the notion of “should” and I thought I’d take a break and put this out there.

Last month, M hung out with a great friend/Auntie type (I am enamored with the Indian tradition of calling all special adults “Auntie” or “Uncle” for M. We don’t have much extended family, and it feels special to me…)

She came back with a little tupperware container of pomegranate seeds. (Sorry for the stains on the curtains, by the way J, I imagine M had something to do with that!)

They are in season now. I hadn’t had one for years, but we’ve been splurging on about one a week. They are so beautiful it’s ridiculous. They are like edible rubies. Be ready for major stains though. If you’ve never tried one, maybe do this with the kids. Older kids might have fun learning about their symbolism in art and religions around the world (I remember it showing up a lot in my renaissance art classes, fertility I think, harvest etc. Might be fun to look up some paintings…)

So, you buy one, wash the outside, then cut a little bit of the top off (I read this on a google search, it worked pretty well.) This first one I did I just cut it in half, but it cut lots of the seeds.) Fill a big bowl or pot with cold water and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. Then, still submerged under water,  pull the peel away, and use your fingers to push the seeds from their little resting areas. The yellow membranes in between will float and can be skimmed off and the seeds will sink. Collect the seeds in an airtight container. Will last for a few days in the fridge.

Have one at snack time, where getting the seeds can be part of the fun. If it’s new, serve it with some familiar foods so there is no pressure to eat it. Maybe graham crackers with cheese, pomegranate and apple, just add it to an already balanced snack.

Remember it’s pleasant, fun, no pressure and see what happens! Have you ever tried it? Try it with them if your child is cautious and maybe describe the crunch etc. If you aren’t sure you will like it, have a napkin handy (for kids too) so they know they can always spit out something they don’t want to swallow. I’ve gotten a kick out of the few times M and I have tried a new food together. (Bubble tea was NOT a hit, but that’s another post!)

Pomegranate seeds are sweet and tart and crunchy, and full of other good stuff.  M loves them, I do to, but D doesn’t like eating the seeds inside so he spits that part out. I even have put some in little tupperware in M’s lunches.

What do you think? Have you tried them? Have you tried other new foods recently?

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  1. Jean

    Thank you for this post! I know I’m very late to the party, but last night I had my first successful experience breaking in to a pomegranate without cutting through many of the seeds! The technique you recommend, while certainly not speedy, is a far more elegant solution!

  2. Michellers

    When you get to the boba tea post, I’ll tell you about my daughter’s unfortunate first experience with boba tea.

    But pomegranates–yum! I make this great winter fruit salad (from smittenkitchen) that calls for a sprinkling of pomegranate seeds on top, but it’s difficult to wrestle them away from my daughter (and husband).

    Ugh about Alton Brown.

    And speaking of ugh, a new caregiver at my daughter’s day care told her that she would call Santa and tell him not to bring my daughter any toys if my daughter didn’t eat the chicken on her plate. When I complained to the owner of the daycare, she got offended and started to list the ways that my daughter misbehaves. Argh. Sorry to divert off topic, but…just…argh!

    • katja

      Wow. Santa won’t bring you presents if you don’t eat more than your body wants to? That’s awful. So sorry. I hate when my child’s caregivers don’t get the food piece. I really wrestle with how much of a pain in the butt I should be… Just wrong.

  3. The WellRounded Mama

    Alton Brown has a whole program about pomegranates on his “Good Eats” program on TV. Definitely worth checking out for hints on how to handle them and what to do with them besides just eat the seeds!

    It’s a really great show, if you’ve never seen it. Food TV is not really my thing, but he’s so entertaining that even my kids love to watch it. And we’ve all learned a few new things from it! He goes into a lot of the science behind cooking, but in such a fun way that everyone really enjoys it.

    • sandrad

      Be careful to only watch his older shows. He has recently lost a lot of weight and is in full smuggy-smug lecture mode on OMG the obesity crisis! we are all going to die of fat!!

      • katja

        thanks for the warning. I hate how they spoil so many wonderful things with the moralizing smugness. Ugh

  4. Lisa

    Wait….. You can eat pomegranate seeds??? I didn’t know this! All these years I’ve been spitting the seeds out because I thought they were inedible. Huh. Will buy one next week for my daughter and me to eat.

    Also – I have not forgotten you would like to hear more about my feeding experiences with my adopted daughter and will send you an email one of these weekends 🙂

    • katja

      thanks, no hurry, I have about 50 pots on the fire these days. I see so many areas where this work needs to get out…

  5. JeninCanada

    We all love them here, though I don’t think Gabe’s ever had one to himself before. I’ll have to get some vanilla icecream and try it out! Pomegranate liquor is really good too; a 1 oz. shot in a glass of 7UP or Sprite is delicious.

    • katja

      sound like black currant, isn’t that a “kier” royale (sp?) wonder what it would be called as a pomegranate

  6. Twistie

    I love pomegranates. They’re just so delicious and tart. Mr. Twistie only likes them as juice, because he fears the seeds. Still, a dab of pomegranate juice can really make a dish sing, and a short glass is ruby goodness.

    Funny thing, the first time I had them was when I was sixteen. I was playing the Grand Duchess Gloriana in The Mouse That Roared at my high school, and in the play Gloriana has a thing for pomegranates. So I tried one. YUM! I’m so glad I got that part.

  7. Gretchen

    It’s also really delicious served over the top of vanilla ice cream. Fabulous & simple Christmas-y dessert!