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food stash, and helping foster and adopted children adapt to your food culture

Posted by on Nov 13, 2012 in Blog Posts |

My guest post Q and A Part I at Fostering Thrifty Families is up, look for Part II soon. Check it out for lots of practical tips. Also useful if you have a picky or anxious eater—adopted, foster, or biological.

“Too often, the food stash is presented as the solution to hoarding and food anxiety. It seems to have been presented to you as an either/or scenario: food stash, or healthy food on a schedule? I think the answer is both, or no stash, and that it may change with time. One of my main goals is to empower you, to help you know there is no perfect solution or anything that says you have to get it “right” from day one. That’s not how parenting works. We figure it out with each of our kids…”

Remember, that for every Love Me, Feed Me book sold during National Adoption Month (November), I will donate $1 to the SPOON foundation.

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