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et tu Legos?

Posted by on Nov 30, 2011 in Blog Posts | 4 comments

Even Legos have cleavage now and belly-bearing tops! Really?!

We were at the Lego store recently to get MY birthday present which was a Christmas set (We put it together Thanksgiving weekend. I am hoping it will be a yearly tradition, and it looks like a nice decoration!) Anyway, at the Lego store, for $9 you can put together and buy 3 figures from heads, tops, bottoms etc. It kept M busy for half an hour or so. These were the only pink ones, so M of course made these. Ack…

We are having a blast with legos though. My in-laws shipped out dh’s old childhood Legos which was amazing. By far it’s the toy she has played with the most hours, and has had the best time with her Dad.  M is getting good at building the complex sets, having gotten her first one for her Birthday from Gramma and Grandpa, and it’s something we all like to do together. I have to admit I don’t have a lot of patience for playing house, or pretending to be a Kitty, but I can sit and build legos with her for hours, and so can my husband. M also makes planes and farms, and houses, and cars and trucks, so it’s not all pink… A fluffy, pain-med post, so there may be more grammar and spelling errors than usual!

Post-tonsil and food update… All the stuff they tell you to get, popsicles, juice, gatorade, jello-  hurts! I had a plain scrambled egg this morning, and am now working on a little milkshake :) So far, the recovery feels manageable, and I am grateful for health insurance, pain meds, my daughter- who has been incredibly thoughtful and kind, and my dh who is working from home and tolerating my frequent texts requesting various things…  It’s  like the modern day version of that 70’s sitcom scenario, you know, when a Brady kid gets his tonsils out and drives everyone crazy with that little bell? You remember that theme? And now, will try to nap… The meds are kicking in :)


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  1. cecile c

    I love Legos ! Good luck with the pain… and do not eat mashed potatoes, they can make you bleed. Seriously 😉
    All the best, and I hope I’ll see you soon.

  2. Noreen

    Which Christmas set did you get? The past three years we’ve gotten the Winter Village Toy Shop, Bakery and now the Post Office. I love Lego!

    What I have discovered, however, from hours spent hanging around those mini-fig bins, is that all Lego minifigs, unless they have female secondary sex characteristics, are considered boys by most kids. All the legs are fairly interchangeable, but if, for example, your fig is wearing a hat and therefore can’t have “girl hair”, then you need to have either the face with the giant red lips, or the torso with the cleavage. If you have “girl hair”, then you can get away with the plain torsos or faces. (Personally, I have a lot of fun putting “girl hair” on heads with facial hair. I have a very gender-queer Lego town growing in my game room.)

    My boyfriend is a Lego fanatic and historian, so when I get home I will ask him when they started to do the cut-out waists and cleavage to designate female figs. Oh, and watch out for the Friends line that is replacing Belleville next year. More complex building, and one of the girls has a laboratory where she builds robots and does chemistry experiments.

  3. Nicole

    “Sexy” legos? Do not love.

    Festive holiday tradition-making legos? Love! What a great idea! I may steal it. :)

  4. Jenny Islander

    It isn’t just the belly-baring hem, it’s the skintight chest. I can remember when “boob socks” were something you only saw in comic books–a sign of artists who couldn’t or wouldn’t draw clothes, so they just drew naked women and colored them in, with a few lines to indicate zippers and such. And then suddenly every single catalog and clothing store was full of boob socks. I do not want to wear boob socks. Seriously. No thank you.

    And now they’re on Lego people?!