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Eating out with kids

Posted by on Jan 25, 2009 in Blog Posts |

congalatin-plymoldWhen you have an active kid—or two, eating out just isn’t as much fun as it used to be.

Here are our criteria for “fine dining” with kids…
• buffet or salad bar (usually kid buffet meal is pretty cheap—they are not making money off my kid…)
• booths
Our current Twin City faves are:
1) Ruby Tuesdays, at Rosedale or MOA. Salad bar has grapes, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, chick peas and string beans (plus a puddle of Ranch) to keep M busy while we wait for the food. She loves the noodles with a side of marinara that she likes to dip.  If you drink water, or they don’t charge your kiddo for sharing your salad bar, its a great deal. (Soda is $2.75!)
2) Cleveland Wok on Cleveland in Highland. Buffet, and booths (sometimes). Has great green beans and a yummy broccoli dish: add shrimp and noodles and a fortune cookie and M is in heaven. I love the options too. Even my husband, who generally avoids buffets, likes this place.
3) Taste of Thailand on Selby in St. Paul. Buffet (not on weekends!!!) and booths! Usually a noodle, rice, broccoli option. Careful though, sometimes the noodles are REALLY spicy and M won’t eat them.
4) DQ recently M had her first positive hot dog experience. A fairly quick, easy stop, with a kiddie DQ cone makes a nice occasional meal out.
5) Genghis Grill off Yankee Doodle and I-35. Booth, noodle, shrimp, broccoli. (Notice a trend?) Fast and yummy, and a kid size.
6) New China Buffet Yankee Doodle and I-35 mini-mall. Ditto above…
7) Korean place in strip mall across from Gleason’s Gym in Edina (Silver Bell Road) they have karaoke too!
8) Noodles and Co. Just hearing a 3 year old say “pesto cavatappi” is worth it, and its fast even though there is no buffet. M is not a huge fan of this place though…
9) Dukem Ethiopian on West 7th. The lamb Tibs are AMAZING!!! (OK, we haven’t taken M there yet, but we went there on our anniversary and it was SO delicious, and cheap. Apparently they are having a Valentine’s Day special.)
10) Tiger Asian place at the Minnesota Zoo cafeteria. M likes the noodles and broccoli dish, yet again…
11) St Clair Broiler on St. Clair and Snelling. Kid friendly, actually has a mac-n-cheese she will eat. Downside is slow service sometimes. Awesome Cobb salad, and M loves to eat the guacamole off my salad. And, we can walk here!
12) Whole Foods. M likes their pizza slices, and they usually have enough fruit and guacamole samples that she eats a little of those on our way to the deli counter.
Any of your favorites you’d care to share?
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