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Easter baskets

Posted by on Apr 6, 2012 in Blog Posts | 13 comments

Another “oldie but goodie”as I pull from my files. This year we did the whole Easter Egg tree too. We poked holes in the eggs, blew them out, and decorated and hung them on the tree. It was way more work than it was worth!  But, we do have a pretty tree. Next year, back to boiling and Paas… This post was originally from 2009…

Easter is coming up for those who celebrate (or do the Easter Bunny thing.) Kids with allergies may feel left out, but here are some ideas for filling the basket for your kids with allergies.

I’m a little tired of the candy bonanzas of Valentine’s Day and recent birthday parties, so I’m thinking about how to make Easter memories about more than just candy. Note, there will be candy, just not pounds of it.

So the basket will be there, with one chocolate bunny, a few little German chocolate lady-bugs that I remember from my own Easters, a Hello Kitty Pez dispenser, a special bubble wand and some new colored pencils and stickers.

Make it about rituals

Your kids will remember these as much or more than the candy.

We have a special Easter plate and decorations. We will decorate eggs with Paas kits, draw on them with markers and have a family brunch (even though its only the three of us we do it up.) I remember from my childhood, the white table cloth and flowers, the juice served in fancy glasses and dressing up. It was all wonderful.

Now, my family is a little more casual, but we still have the bunny plates and nice napkins and we’ll make it special in our own way.

The white table cloth might be gone, but we’ll do an Easter egg hunt. Last year was in the snow, but this year we’ll keep our fingers crossed. We might decorate with some branches and hang eggs on them (whatever branch we can scavenge works) or you might by an Easter egg tree from a gift shop or Michaels.

What are your family rituals? Don’t have any? Make them up. Go for a walk after the egg-hunt, have a “Signs of Spring” scavenger hunt, watch a favorite Easter movie, read Peter Cottontail out loud, wear bunny ears, go to Church as a family if that is what your family does. Make it special. Include candy, but make the focus on the whole experience.

And how to handle that candy? See my Valentine’s post for details.

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  1. Twistie

    When my brothers and I were kids, Mom used to give us the coolest Easter ‘baskets.’ Sure, they would be filled with fake grass and candy and the occasional small toy, but the basket might be a cereal bowl, a hat, one year they were even LP records… which does rather date me, doesn’t it? Still, we would have the candy, and then we’d have whatever the basket was made of. One of my brothers was still using that Snoopy dog bowl cereal bowl a good fifteen years after the Easter he was given it.

    Mom would also make a special breakfast featuring these delicious buns shaped like bunnies and doves. I’m thinking of making a batch for tomorrow.

  2. The Well-Rounded Mama

    Do the Easter Egg thing with plastic eggs. Go to a dollar store (where everything is a buck) and get some colorful plastic eggs. Punch a small hole in one end. Thread some string or ribbon through; knot the end inside the egg so it will hang. Tie onto the tree and save from year to year.

    Small little containers for bubble-blowing are a nice alternative for littles if you want to cut down the candy quotient. Stickers is another for those kids who are into stickers.

    German chocolate lady bugs? Sounds interesting. Tell us more!

  3. cecile

    I cannot eat Cadbury, I don’t like the taste. You should ask him to send you some “friture” (the name of the fish, shells, crabs, etc). And them keep some for me 😉

  4. cecile

    It will be the first year we live in a house with a yard, so this year we will do the egg hunt outside, that will be nice. I remember hunting for eggs after church… then we found some weeks later, all melted, in flower pots. I miss the huge chocolate eggs filled with chocolate fish that we have in France ! They were so good !

    • katja

      thanks! Love that!

    • katja

      chocolate fish? Love it! I have never heard of that… I used to mail my brother Cadbury chocolate Creme eggs when he lived in France at the time…(He still lives there, but I don’t sent them anymore!)

  5. familyfeedingdynamics


  6. Heather

    A fun tip for decorating eggs:
    Have kids color on them with a white crayon. Then when you dip them in the dye you “magically” see the drawing. Our toddler thought it was really neat.

    • Twistie

      Colored crayons work really well, too. It’s basically doing a wax resist dye job, after all, so the colors stay true and bright, and you can get all kinds of cool effects that way.

      Yes, in a former life I was an Easter egg diva. Why do you ask?