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‘doh! Thanks doc! and a new phase of picky?

Posted by on Jul 16, 2010 in Blog Posts |

We were at the pediatrician’s yesterday. Generally I really dig her, she is very low-key and never mentions M’s BMI… M and I are pretty excited to be preparing to visit my brother who lives in France. We go every two years to visit our only cousins! Anyhoo, M was talking about how we are going to go shrimp fishing and how excited she is. The doc chimes in with, “We were just in France, and you know she won’t eat anything there! My kids only ate crepes and Sprite!”

Thanks! Great! Why put the notion into her head, from a doctor of all things? Again, we need to have an expectation of mastery and success, not pre-determined failure when it comes to food. Reminds me of the parents who go into restaurants saying, “You probably won’t like anything here…” and then seem surprised when indeed the child meets those expectations. Our words matter!

I am also noticing recently much more vociferous opining about foods from M, who is almost 5. “Yuck, that tastes gross,” is coming out of her mouth about foods she’s never tried. This is new and I’m not loving it. I wonder if this is peer influence? Overall she still seems to be enjoying a wider variety, but there seems to be more immediate rejection, then coming around. I’m glad I have the tools to handle this… I hope!

Parents, did you notice changing attitudes around kindergarten age? Is it peer influence, or the preschool time when kids are eager to please is coming to an end? Have you seen your kids attitude about food influenced by a friend who is “allergic” or a “vegetarian” or “doesn’t eat anything green?” (I frequently get demos of how her little buddy C eats apple slices, very gingerly eating all but the peel…)

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