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do you know what goes on at your child’s school/daycare?

Posted by on Jul 23, 2010 in Blog Posts |

Is your child being fed well at school, or are the feeding practices there making things worse. Recently I shared that M’s camp doesn’t follow the Division of Responsibility. You know, making the kids eat all their “real” food before they can earn the treat. My friend also disclosed that her son was coming back from his school with his “treats” because he wasn’t eating enough of the arbitrary amount that the 22 year old counselors thought was enough for him to earn dessert. (Sorry for the snarkiness, but this is not OK.)
A recent article in the Journal for Nutrition Education videod several early childhood providers and their interactions with the kids around food.

There were TEN TIMES as many verbal cues and pressure episodes to eat more, or different foods that did not take into account or encourage the child to eat based on internal sensations of hunger and fullness. (380 vs 38…) There was lots of “two more bites of this” and “you can eat your dessert when…”

Remember that over time, children can be fed in a way that overrides and burries their internal cues which means they are likely to eat more or less then they need.

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