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sugary cereal update, a new tool

Posted by on Jan 26, 2011 in Blog Posts | 9 comments

Some of you may remember I had found myself in a bit of a cereal fix with M… (see Cereal negotiator post for details…)

Here was my plan. She was seriously into her Frosted Flakes which has too much sugar for my liking, and she would eat in exclusion of all other options at breakfast.

I “mommed-up” and just didn’t buy any after we ran out. I was very matter-of-fact. “We’re out of Frosted Flakes, I will buy them again soon. Today you can have bread and jam, or oatmeal…” There was some pouting initially, but I stayed neutral and pleasant and she got over it quick.

It went fine. Occasionally she would ask about it. So yesterday I thought, time to have it again so as not to create the Forbidden Fruit effect. I almost laughed out loud at the store when I saw this box, “Frosted Flakes, 25% less sugar and more fiber.” Huh. SoΒ  it has 8 instead of 12 grams of sugar, perhaps the little added fiber might keep her feeling full a little longer and have more even energy levels,Β  and I thought, “why not!?” She can’t read yet, we’ll see what happens.

So M this morning was very happy to have her “super-sweet” cereal (as opposed to the “sweet cereals” like Life or Pops or Oatmeal Squares…) and she poured herself some and ate it happily along with half a grapefruit and milk. I kept wanting to ask “what do you think?” to see if she could tell the difference, but I didn’t andΒ  she didn’t seem to notice!

So, Frosted Flakes are back, I am a little happier that they have less sugar, but I was pleased that it didn’t turn into this huge deal when it was gone. I’ll run out for awhile, and then we’ll have it again and see what happens. I’ll keep you posted, and oh, I am guessing there wil be trouble when she learns to read! (“I don’t want the one with less sugar!!!”)

What do you think? What do you battle over?

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  1. Stephanie

    I’d love to rid my house to the sugary cereal, but they go on sale and we buy them. In limited quantities. My struggle is some mornings I make oatmeal or malt-o-meal. My 3 year old son wants sugary cereal. I’d love him to have healthy, yummy oatmeal. Is the DOR the same for breakfast? I think he has a texture issue with the oatmeal. Maybe. Or it might just be he knows there’s a box of goodness in the cupboard. Of course I want him to eat breakfast or else he’s whining for a snack for the next 2 hours. Any experiences and/or suggestions?

    • katja

      Great questions. I find breakfast to be the most difficult since she doesn’t like easy protein sources like sauasge, peanut butter or eggs. We don’t do as strict DOR because it’s more of folks choosing from a few options. Since I’m not cooking, I often let her choose, yogurt or lunch meats (it is a traditional German thing to eat lunch meat in the mornings.) We do have “sweet cereal” as an option. She will often choose milk with it, which is 2% for us, and there is always fruit on the table. If you are getting into a battle over the oatmeal, I would give in for now. Or, you can let him sprinkle some brown sugar, or put raisins in it, maybe like an oatmeal sundae bar. The problem is, when we would “love them” to do something, I think they pick up on it and are more resistant. When M developed a keen interest in sugar cereal after a vacation, we bought it for awhile, then didn’t for awhile. When it was not in the house, we matter-of-factly said, “We don’t have sweet cereal now, we’ll have some again soon. You can have oatmeal or yogurt…” Something like that… Put out a few choices for breakfast, experiment, put those eggs out over and over (scrambled are sometimes chosen in our house) and see what happens. Usually if we are battling over a specific food, I quickly figure out how to incorporate it into meals ans snacks so it’s not a flash-point. Does that help? I think our pediatric nutritionist will write about breakfast soon!

  2. Cecile

    Good ! I don’t buy sugared cereals, either, I mean, I did not until recently. My kids do not eat much for breakfast, but they like those, that we usually have only in France ( because Grandma buys them before we get there, and it’s OK !). So they are thrilled to have some chocolatey-sugary cereals from time to time. I’ll see what happens when I run out of them ! Oh, and for breakfast, I ask them what they want to eat. It does not seem to change anything for the other meals, but maybe I will change that, that would be easier probably to just choose myself πŸ˜‰

    • katja

      grandparents are fun that way, huh? My dad would balk over sugar, but he makes M’s oatmeal with more brown sugar than oats ! πŸ™‚
      I usually ask M what she wants too. It’s all in reach, and she does fine, and there is no conflict so it works for us. Go with what works! I have a family that is transitioning with their feeding, and breakfast is going well with the TV and works for their family. there are so many other things that are changing that we are leaving breakfast alone for now… it’s all in flux and has to work for each family. keep us posted!

  3. Lisa

    Sweet! (ha ha)

    Personally, I would love to see more “low sugar” options in all sorts of foods. I don’t use artificial sweeteners & don’t buy them for the family either, so many’s a time the choices are btwn completely unsweetened, sweetened with chemicals or oversweetened (to my taste) with sugar. “Honest Tea” is a brand of bottled iced teas that are marketed as “just a tad sweet” and they are perfect. Just enough sugar to take away the bitterness but not enough so it tastes sweet. And you can always add more sugar to suit your taste.

    If I could get more “low sugar” flavored yoghurts, cereals, puddings, etc… I’d be thrilled! Maybe I’ll buy a box of these new FF to encourage them πŸ™‚

    • katja

      i agree, so many things are overly-sweet. Beverages in particular. Why not make flavored milk with half the flavor? I water down almost all juice and nectars. I like about half and half personally, and M will drink 1/3 water, now that she knows I water it down! She almost never chooses straight juice, but prefers water, especially if she’s thirsty, but she LOVES sweet flavors…Thanks on the Honest Tea. I can’t stand artificial sweeteners…

  4. Maneoplyse

    Low-sugar cereal and the new box: no problem! I store the cereals in a tall Tupperware containers as a space-saving measure because I’ve built my kitchen shelves for organization. I tape the nutrition panel to the side. πŸ™‚

  5. katja

    yes, I try not to battle, but if I let her do the “what” of feeding for awhile, it takes some effort for me to take over my job again πŸ™‚
    I’m so glad your daughter is tasting cheese! Patience, right? Wonderful! I always seem to eat cheese from other countries. Love Jarlsburg, and my favorite is Cambozola, though I imagine the smell of that would put your daughter off for sure! Keep me posted…

  6. Ines Anchondo

    Thankfully, I don’t battle, Katja (well, about these things, anyways…we have plenty of others….to be sure). I am glad this is resolving itself. I wanted, nevertheless to report on my daughter’s dairy, cheese intake. Matter of fact, a couple of weeks ago she began tasting mozzarella cheese. Now, she eats a small amount when we are having it. She still has trouble with the smell of cooked cheese. And, I am suspecting that it is about quality of the cheese. Oh, I wish I lived in….say….Wisconsin?