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Adoption Testimonials

“We are so happy we found you and have gotten this far. The other night we ordered her a burger, and lo and behold, she had about half of the bun, and 1 bite of meat and said she was done. We were so surprised!” –Alexis, mom to Greta, adopted as an infant and consulting for food preoccupation and weight gain.

” I find the more we let the anxiety and control around food go, the more he lets go of the obsession surrounding food (what a concept). I am not going to lie, it can be tough, but he is a whole new happy little mischievous toddler now and I LOVE it!!!!” —Anneliese, mom of 2 year-old Adan, adopted from Ethiopia and consulted for food obsession

“I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I don’t have to control every bite she eats. All I’ve ever wanted is to just treat her like my other kids.” – Rebecca, mom to Adina, adopted from Ethiopia and consulting for food preoccupation

“At first when we started the model, she immediately tried several new foods and liked some. Before we started the model, there were foods including pineapple and string cheese that she insisted she liked but would never eat. Now she eats those foods. She also has become more flexible, for example she will now eat any preparation of chicken whereas before she would only eat banquet brand breaded chicken and now she will eat hot dogs grilled or in the microwave whereas before she only “liked” them if they were grilled. Dinner has become pleasant, relaxed and is not stressful. She feels respected at mealtime rather than hassled. I wouldn’t say that she has dramatically increased the variety of foods she eats but it is in the range of normal now and that is great. I think she will be able to go to college in 1 ½ years and nourish herself independently with a dorm meal plan.” –Jennifer, mom to sixteen year-old Yiseth, adopted from Guatemala, dealing with picky eating.