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a nice summary of picky eating tips

Posted by on Jul 9, 2010 in Blog Posts | 6 comments

Great tips on picky eating. Remember, kids don’t make sense with food (see yesterday’s post.) We need to be reliable, predictable and offer a tasty variety of foods…
Sound familiar? Hearing the message over and over, from different experts can be really helpful when you make the leap of faith to family meals and stopping the short-order cooking. Are you inspired?

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  1. Mare

    Thanks for linking to post Katja!

  2. familyfeedingdynamics

    That's funny, my M was the same. Lettuce is only a recent add-on, but she happily eats all the "goodies" in the salad (peppers, craisins, tomatoes…) I like that you didn't pressure him and he is finding it himself. It is amazing to watch isn't it? (Lettuce seems a really tricky food!)

  3. Heidi

    My son astonished me last night when I was eating a salad and he asked for a bite "without too much salad dressing." The salad dressing part isn't the shocker – it's that he'll eat just about any vegetable but has never wanted salad. After seeing us eat it for years now, he decided a few days ago that he'd eat some with croutons. Yesterday's salad had no croutons – just cucumber and lettuce and he ate a fair few bites of it in the end.

    He's not a picky eater but still, it was lovely to see him enjoying a new food!


    I'll need this when I have kids.

  5. familyfeedingdynamics

    SO important! Many parents think then their children won't "learn to like" plain foods, but I have found just the opposite to be true. I never grew up with ranch, but we did use ranch, thousand Island, several home-made sauces and dips, and M happily ate and eats with or without dip. I think there is alot of fear about fat that underlies not using sauces, dip and fats with foods…

  6. KellyK

    I though the tip about adding dips and sauces was simple but brilliant.